Getting Yourself Medicaid In NYC, What To Know

New York, just like every other American state, makes room for providing basic medical care to its residents who can’t afford to foot the bills. However, the State of New York’s expenditure on health insurance is considerably higher than in most states. This is not far-fetched, as the state offers a broader range of benefits and flexible terms of eligibility on the New York medical buy-in program.

If you ever think of getting yourself a Medicaid in NYC, this brief write-up best summarizes the requirements for qualification and answers other pertinent questions that you need answers to before delving head into the NY Medicaid.

So, What’s The Objective Of This Program?

The Medicaid program for New Yorkers‘ was set up to create improved access to premium health care services for all low-income residents, women, children, families, disabled individuals, the senile populace.

So, It Covers All The Health Bill?

Not entirely. Although the Medicaid program settles several health services as it concerns health insurance. Its scopes include home health care, consultation with doctors, care in nursing homes, payment for prescribed drugs, and others. However,vast its coverage might be,there are some restrictions like age factor, financial status, family status, and others. Minute co-payments also comes with some services.

Who’s Eligible For This?

To qualify for the New York Medicaid, you need to score right in some boxes. Generally, the eligible populace includes pregnant women, children, families, individuals, and the disabled. As this program is designed for low-income individuals/families whose income falls below certain levels, you can bet to encounter stiff requirements.

The category of people that can qualify for this program include adults whose income does not exceed 138% of the Federal Poverty Level. Pregnant women also have to reach some determined income level. Besides these, you’ve to show evidence that you’re a resident of New York, a citizen of America, or a legal immigrant. A prove of living situation, and your Social Security Number also comes to play here. Senior residents must also reach the threshold age of 65. Never forget to get your local attorney involved, as he may come to the rescue if things get messier.

Ok, What’s The Coverage Range?

New York Medicaid takes charge of most of your medical service bills, including the medications. Once you qualify for this program, it will cater to your health services such as; regular medical checkups, follow-up care, clinic visits, lab tests and x-rays, and immunizations. Emergency care, nursing home care, medical supplies and medications, dental and eye care, medical equipment or appliances, and hospital stays are not left out.

To apply for the New York Medicaid, you simply have to write, call, or visit the local Department of Social Services office. You might as well apply online via their user-friendly website.

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